Approved Pre-Bankruptcy Debt Counseling Agencies:

Note: Each person who wants to file a bankruptcy petition under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 must first obtain pre-bankruptcy debt counseling from one of the approved agencies for the State of Washington.

The counseling must be accomplished within the most recent six-months prior to the date we file your bankruptcy petition with the court.

You must obtain a written certificate from the counseling agency to verify that the counseling was provided. We will need to file this certificate with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court at the same time we file your bankruptcy petition.

The debt counseling agencies may charge a fee for their service, or they may agree to waive the fees based on your financial circumstances. If there is a fee, you will be responsible for paying it directly to the debt counseling agency.

You do not have to complete the counseling or obtain the certificate before you hire the attorney to start work on your bankruptcy case; we must have the certificate of completion in our office, however, before we can file your bankruptcy petition.

To do your mandatory pre-bankruptcy credit counseling, which must be done before your bankruptcy case can be filed, we recommend that you go on-line to

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